What is mikedeluna.com all about?

Hi there!

Welcome to mikedeluna.com, the little part of the internet where I'm attempting to apply a little structure and rigour to my day-to-day thoughts & practices around software development and shape them into a coherent, curated and consumable form that I can reference and perhaps point people at.

I hope you'll find my attempts at thinking out loud and iterating in public useful.

Expect plenty of edits as I reflect on what do I do, how do I do it and why.

Who is Mike de Luna?

Mike is a TDD engineer, XP practitioner and Veteran Agilist at large

He specialises in software risk management and teaches faster, better and safer ways to develop code in large organisations and passionately wants to help eliminate the fear and foreboding experienced when making changes to critical, globally distributed enterprise systems is what you do for a living.

He can be reached at [email protected], currently lives with his gorgeous wife in Hong Kong and is much older than you think.